Kura no Machi Kitakata (Kitakata - the city of warehouses)

Kura no Machi Kitakata (Kitakata - the city of warehouses)

Kitakata City is located in the northern part of the Aizu region of Fukushima Prefecture and was once called "the Northern land" (Japanese: Kitakata).

Not only the main street, but also the back alleys, suburban villages, and deep mountain villages have warehouses, and the total number is said to be more than 2,000.

Nowadays, those warehouses are still used as sake breweries and miso breweries. It can be said that the breweries are the most suitable buildings for this land which is blessed with delicious water and rice.

Kitakata ramen, which features soup made from soy sauce (shoyu) brewed in the brewery and "multi-hydrated" flat noodles kneaded with delicious Iide mountain's water, became a boom from 1987 and is one of the three major ramens in Japan.

Kitakata ramen, which has become a representative taste of Kitakata - the city of warehouses, is one of our pride that we created by valuing that taste.

Today, Kitakata has become a city visited by more than 2 million tourists a year from Japan and abroad.

In a city with a population of 46,000, there are about 100 ramen shops lined up to serve visitors from Japan and abroad with all our heart.

(Kitakata's water was selected as one of the 100 best waters of Heisei era.)

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