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What is Igarashi noodles?

In 1931, our predecessor Taiji separated from the Igarashi head family and founded his own milled rice, beans, soybeans store. Familiar with the handling of soybeans, etc., he became acquainted with the taste of Kitakata's miso, soy sauce (shoyu), and dashi, and since 1949, we have started a history of 70 years in the noodle-making industry.

Raw ramen, from traditional flat noodles to thin noodles, are made by using delicious Mt. Iide's water and the flour selected in a blessed environment under the foot of Mt. Iide. By aging and drying the noodles at low temperature for 48 hours, we produce dried ramen that has the same texture as raw noodles but also have a chewy and pleasant taste of dried noodles.

As the bearer of this rich food culture, we are always pursuing safety, security, and deliciousness in order to deliver our special noodles to many customers.

"Ramen" is now a universal word and is popular across national borders.

Currently, we are selling all over Japan and exporting to more than 20 countries.

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